Loathing the Smirker

When Clinton lied, just how many died?

Bush. He's made it unsafe to be an American all around the world. He's a deserter who cunningly won against a guy who, although a bore, earned Purple Hearts getting shot on the Mekong River. He's dumb as a rock, yet entered and slid though Yale, and then Harvard's business school, and then got sweetheart financing for his business failures. He was born on third base and thought he'd hit a home run. He's a corporate tool who wears his "Christianity" on his sleeve and has f*cked up our country in every possible way. He had the world's sympathy after 9/11 but has sqandered that goodwill towards America and made himself, and America, more hated than ever. And he was elected, sort of, showing how f*cking stupid 50% of my country is, well--really it was mostly the Bible Belt that was brain-dead.

He lied, and lied, and continues to lie, so that there are now civilians dying and being maimed in Iraq at a rate far exceeding the rate during Saddam's hellish regime. It will be a great day when we throw him from the train

and replace them with...yikes. It looks like...McCain? Well, you tell me if we're going to make a comeback with this guy.

My country has been hijacked by a bunch of selfish and war-obsessed incompetents who tell the world they are "compassionate". All we've got is lies and fake patriotism from these right-wing pseudo-Christian nutters who are in love with wealth and power. They are not the best America has to offer. I'm tired of it, and I hope we throw the bums out in '08.

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